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September issue



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included are interviews with some incredible talent such as Nicky Thomas, Musician Lyne-Marie, Lifestyle Shootings and many more incredible talent.



INTRA magazine is a London based Fashion & Arts magazine with A creative and innovative audience of young adults with a passion for fashion, beauty and art, dedicated to providing original, different, unique, and creative fashion editorial content.


INTRA is a fast-growing magazine for everyone and is known for its diverse range of editorials to fit each unique publication addition. On occasion there will be space for written articles for upcoming artists and main features to be included.


Our goal with INTRA is to provide photographers and other creatives an opportunity to show their work and to promote their creativity and originality. This will also give possibilities of engagement from a wider audience around the world and a break into the fashion and beauty industry. Its content, carefully selected, celebrates a mix of different talents and styles, all blended together to create each individual and unique issue.


The printed version will be available by print-on-demand and is printed on quality paper to ensure its lifetime lasting, while a digital version is also available for download. 


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