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  • Interview with Photographer Andrija Kasom

    My Discovery of Fortresses & My First Photoshoot

    "For me, photography is a stopped moment and I want to show it like that. I am not a supporter of a using photoshop because it make people unreal, even though it is a trend today."

  • Interview with Photographer Tatyana Zhuravleva

    The Chronicles of the Modern Witch

    "I am in favour of preserving naturalness, so that the person after treatment remains himself"

  • Interview with Photographer Lauren Parsons

    Double Minded

    "keep going and practicing and experimenting. Don’t chase the money or ‘fame’ do it for you because you love it and it’ll come to you."

  • Interview with Photographer Anna Fokina


    "It is useful for any photographer to experiment. Try to work with all kinds of light that you can get. Look for yourself!"

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Please view our Kavyar

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