Sustainable Beauty

by Tierra McCall

“Love the Earth as you would love yourself.” A quote from singer-songwriter John Denver, that captures how we should treat the planet we call home. In the last
decade, more awareness has been brought to the sustainability of our planet and
how we can work toward reversing the damage done to it. The beauty industry has
taken large steps to reduce its footprint and move to more sustainable methods
for its products and packaging.

Sustainability is the maintenance of natural resources for long-term benefit. In the beauty industry, brands have turned their attention to the sustainability of their
products, production, and packaging. A more eco-friendly stance has been taken
with smaller brands especially leading the way in lessening environmental impact.
The focus has been placed on things such as waste management, biodegradability,
and reducing the carbon footprint in production. Also, the use of organic,
vegan, and cruelty-free products by consumers has grown in popularity.

How can brands reduce their strain on the environment and how can you as a consumer do your part?

(I) Reducing plastic/waste.
Single-use plastics are extremely harmful to the environment. They often end up in the
ocean and on beaches. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down and when
they break down, they become microplastics. These can contaminate water and
soil. Look for brands that use eco-friendly packaging, such as reusable or
recyclable plastics. To be truly sustainable, the materials used in the
packaging should be sourced sustainably and manufactured in a way that reduces
the carbon footprint. Look for biodegradable packaging that won’t stay around
for too long and cause harm.

(II) Shop Small
Small brands are the backbone of the beauty industry. They often are more
environmentally conscious than larger brands and able to produce more
eco-friendly products. Small brands are more personable and can focus more on
their products and consumers. Many offer high-quality products that are
organically certified and cruelty-free. Shopping with smaller brands is a great
opportunity to help businesses grow and a great way to find some amazing

It is so important to use brands who create from the Earth, as nature intended.
Every day the beauty industry takes steps to reduce its strain on the
environment and to help reduce environmental degradation. Remember to look for
brands who know the importance of taking care of the planet we inhabit and
causing as little harm as possible.

If you are looking to shop small, and
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Sustainable Beauty