The Pop culture I have been enjoying lately” by Seigar.

by Seigar.

Let’s review some of the last pop highlights I have been digging into. Fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy ride!

The queer art has been present in many forms. A music video by Lil Nas X: MONTERO (Call me by your name), breaking all rules, doing a striptease to the devil, the iconic looks will all be remembered, loving the blue wig! Serpentwithfeet has shown us black gay love with his refined music: Deacon. This album is so inspired, his gospel made my last month! Instant fave! On repeat! If I had to choose just one song on this masterpiece it would be the playful “Same Size Shoe”. Finally, Lawrence Chaney got the title: the Winner of Rupaul Drag Race Season II UK, her charisma and talent helped her to get the crown! Thanks for a lovely and memorable season to all the girls!

Back in Spain, we are really enjoying “El madrileño” by C. Tangana, he is just everywhere believe me, and people love him or hate him! Never neutral! That's a sign of being an icon! I’m on his side, get to know him with “Un Veneno G - Mix” with José Feliciano and El Niño de Elche, that's my fave track. His album has been praised by all the critics, and he has the merit to bring Latin tradition to his contemporary sound. If Rosalía were a man, she would be C. Tangana. Do you want more Spanish music? You can try Sen Senra (Wu Wu), El Último Vecino (Qué Caro), Rodrigo Cuevas & Ortiga (La Magia de tu Melena), and Albany (Un Par de Lágrimas). Lots of stuff going on here!

To end with the music recommendations, listen to “Harlecore” by Danny L Harle if you want to feel the 90s sound of the Valencia movement: Ruta del Bakalao! You won't stop dancing! Nostalgia for the 90s is here to stay!

I have watched the second season of “Servant” and it has all the tricks from Shyamalan! Between supernatural and reality, every time you get close to a theory you will find a twist that leaves you back in the middle way! It's so entertaining to watch! Highly recommended! Recently, I also rewatched one classic: “Airport” (1970), I enjoyed once more the acting and the formal aesthetics. I find it quite inspiring because of its style! I also felt in love with the film “My Mexican Bretzel” (2019) such an emotional love story! Its original presentation will at least surprise you for sure!

My last readings have been from “the Taschen Basic Art Series”: the Video Art one and the Conceptual Art too. I like to know the tradition so I can show some kind of respect in what I do in my artworks. I understand art as a communication channel and as a continuation of movements. Soon you will be able to see my last video art productions. For example my view on the video art pieces that have shown people sleeping: “Dreams”, and also the performance of a trans man cutting his own hair: “Regeneration”. And you already can check my last piece: “Freedom” (Featuring the Drag Queen Candy Porcelain) in which I explore the concept of frontiers and barriers that society or we impose on us. Can’t wait to keep on creating new experimental video pieces to communicate ideas, messages and concepts.

Stay tuned for more pop culture, the Seigar’s Choices!

Seigar is a passionate pop visual artist based in Tenerife. Instagram: @jseigar


The Pop culture I have been enjoying lately” by Seigar.