Good Side Bad Side


GSBS kicked off operations in April 2017 and in a short time the clothing line has been able to scale pretty quickly, spreading its wings and getting recognition as an independent brand in the United States. 

The GSBS brand was born out of the need to provide urban wears that are exclusive, well made and affordable, and the CEO Tyson Green has taken the bull by the horns by building a high-class street fashion brand that does just that. 

The brand name Good Side Bad Side was inspired by the personal experiences of the founder, who dropped out of high school with minimal grades. He explored different street related jobs and decided to join the Army, after having several close brushes with the law. So what started as a spontaneous idea, lead and helped shape his life and thought process for the better. His years in the army helped him see other parts of the world, and also gain higher educational qualifications. After many years of serving his country, he decided to make the move into the fashion world and has not looked back ever since. 

Tyson Green’s foray into the world of fashion was anything but easy, because he had no previous experience in the fashion industry. But he kept on going regardless even though he faced loads of problem which included getting the right materials, designs, licensing and others. He kept on pushing on by reading fashion related books, taking online courses and absorbing information on fashion online. 

GSBS brand is inspired by Tyson’s experiences past and present, and as he calls it STREET-SMART which is a fine blend of street wear and smart designer wear. Which was noticed when Hollywood Actor/Comedian Affion Crockett wore GSBS as his outfit of choice to Faith Evan's album launch party, and to do several stand up shows on his comedy tour. Affion was also wearing GSBS on set while filming Undercover Brother 2, which caught the eye of the main character Vince Swann, who is also the presenter on BET’s/50 cents show 50 Central, and has been a GSBS brand ambassador ever since. 

GSBS aims to be in the wardrobe of every fashion lover, and they are taking it one country at a time with brand ambassadors in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy and as far as Australia, and has a wide range of Celebrity Ambassadors within the UK, but most notably they are making waves in Los Angeles having collaborations with several credible LA magazines. Also GSBS has recently worked with high profile LA celebrity stylists and style houses, leaving GSBS ready available for many A-list celebs. 

In 2018 GSBS was featured in cinemas worldwide in the movie The Intent 2, which is still available on Netflix to watch. But this won’t be the last you see GSBS on the big screen, as there are new movies set for release this year and several more movies being filmed in the coming months. CEO Tyson Green has also got some exciting acting debuts in the next few months, kicking off with one movie 

which is part of a well known UK franchise, and the others being directed and produced by well established individuals (can’t say to much). So it’s fair to say that Tyson and his brand are well on the way to successville, so keep your eyes peeled and get with the movement. 
You can check out GSBS on their social media platforms, to get a chance to grab some of their limited edition designer clothing that is #GSBSFRESH. 

Models: Shaun Pelayo, Rory Barber
Photographers @visualsbytj, @downsouthpov, @jackconstablephoto, @jackconstablephoto