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"I am a german photographer located near Stuttgart. I started with my own photo business 2011. My shooting areas are natural and creative people photography. I am also working as a wedding photographer and i am coaching other photographer in portrait photography and retouching skills. I started with my own photo business 2011."

Photographer Lifestyle Shootings

Makeup Artist Natascha Tatjana Laturnus

Model Christine Bube

Could you tell us about how you became involved with photography and realised you wanted to be a photographer?

I started photography as i was 15 years old and took a lot picture of the nature, flowers and animals. I took photography lessons and realized that i wanted to take portraits and not only the nature, flowers or animals. I loved to take pictures of people and started to asked every friend to have a photoshoot. From time to time i get better and realized that portrait photography is my passion.

Do you think that photography has changed you in any way? 

Photography changed me alot. I always been a shy person and didn’t talked much to other people. Photography helped me to get in contact with different people and i startet networking on social media. Today i am not shy anymore and it is easy socializing with people.

What do you love most about Photography?

I am a very creative person and like to create costumes, Makeup and beautiful pictures. My main job isn’t creative and sometimes to straight with lots of rules and therms. I am in the office all day. Photography is different. I am around people and can create a lot different beautiful pictures. I create costumes, make ups and settings for the photoshoot.

Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

Yes i love my zoom lens Canon L 24-70mm f2:8. I use it for wedding photography and most of the photo shootings. My macro zoom lens Canon L 100mm f2:8 is also a favorite equipment i couldn’t miss. I use it for beauty close up portraits and detail photography for wedding pictures.
Another favorite pieces of equipment are my colour filters and my speedlights. I like to use strong colors in my photography.

If you had unlimited resources who and what would you photograph?

I would travel more to exotic locations with different favorite models and i maybe would plan a photography journey through Europe. I like Amerika and all the beautiful spots ind this country. I went there a few times but never had an opportunity for photoshoots or work with a creative team.

How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

I keep myself motivated with some different photography idols i have and follow on social media. I love the Kavyar Network and the beautiful and professional pictures motivated me a lot to creating more and more editorials. Meeting new creative artist motivated me a lot.

Could you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your editorials we featured?

The model on the pictures is a very good friend of mine. She is a very lovely person and i am so happy to met her during my photography time. I started 2011 my professional photography career and i met her in summer 2012. It was the first photoshoot we had, today we are really good friends and love to create abstract, creative and special editorials together. She is one of my favorite models and working with her is always a big pleasure.
So the worked on concept and idea of this editorial together. We wanted to create dark creative make up portraits with black and gold.

What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work?

I like details and details are always an important thing on my creative editorials. I try to get their attention wit a lot details and strong colors in my pictures.

Do you have any tips for photographers/creatives at the start of their journey?

A good start of their journey is to being visible on all social media channels. Networking with other creatives and photographer is important and it helps you a lot to create your own style and personal branding.

Amongst your work do you have a favourite and why? 

My Favorite are the clean portraits and the profile portrait. Sometimes you don’t need much props for a editorial. Just a beautiful face with creative make up and different point of view.

Is there any particular photographers or creative that have influenced you the most? 

I have alot different photography idols for example Jamari Lior, Amanda Diaz, Jake Hicks, Kristy Mitchel, Rankin, Karl Lagerfeld and Kristian Schuller. 

Is there any thing key in the future your aiming for?

Hopefully i get more famous and i am able to show my editorials around the world, not only in Germany. I am working on being on covers to get more attention and who knows what happens in the future or wich opportunities i will have.

Thank you for featuring within INTRA, where could viewers find more information about you and connect with your work?

The viewers can find me on my Website, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and the Kavyar Network.







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