About the Lavish Team

Model Maria Russo

My name is Maria i am from Vancouver BC

I chose to pursue a career as a model in my 50's after being a stay home mom to 4 children, loving fashion and makeup I thought I would give it a shot.

I did many shoots in different styles and Era's . My biggest accomplish in life I would have to say having my 4 children who are all grown up and have given me my 6 grandchildren that I adore, being of Italian descent "famiglia" is everything. This photoshoot and photo i am published in has so much meaning , loving Sophia Loren , Marilyn Monroe my shoot reflects their style!

After each shoot I sit back and hope to be approached by a designer either in cosmetics or fashion,  my ultimate shoot would be in New York or Milan side by side with Sophia Loren fancining a beautiful Chanel gown! Chanel being my favorite brand, opening my closet would confirm that with my collection of handbags.

Thus my admiration and look up to supermodels Claudia Shiffer and Linda Evangelista, both Chanel models, classy and timeless beauty.

Although the modelling industry has come a long way and will keep changing i wouldn't change a thing the diversity is amazing!

The best advice that was given to me was from an elderly Danish lady" honey you are never to old to follow your dreams"

I live by this and would be my advice to any upcoming model.  You can find me of Facebook under Maria Russo.

Photographer Sarah Artico 

My name is Sarah, owner of Sarah Artico Photography based out of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  My friends would tell you I was born with a camera in my hand.  Ever since I can remember I have been taking photographs.  I love capturing memories for people.  Recently, I hdove into editorial style photography, fashion and beauty.  This has allowed me to explore the creative and artistic aspects of business and I will say I love it!  I have been published in various magazines worldwide and will continue to create a grow as an artist.  Maria is one of my favorite clients.  She is beautiful, fun and always full of glamorous ideas.  I look forward to our shoots and the concepts that she presents as they always turn out amazing.  Give me follow - insta @saraharticophotography 

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