Interview with Photographer Andrija Kasom

My Discovery of Fortresses & My First Photoshoot

"For me, photography is a stopped moment and I want to show it like that. I am not a supporter of a using photoshop because it make people unreal, even though it is a trend today."


Interview with Photographer Anna Fokina


"It is useful for any photographer to experiment. Try to work with all kinds of light that you can get. Look for yourself!"


Interview with Photographer Damian Joseph

Test shoot with Domonic Davis

"the best way to conquer fear is with action, start that youtube channel, start that podcast, start that music career, perfection is an illusion, don't wait until it's too late and regret not doing it, act on it now!"


Interview with Creative Director Calypso


"learn you. Be okay with taking time to perfect your craft and remember quality is better than quantity"


Interview with Photographer Tanya Bambulskaya

Forest story

" believe that your vision is valuable and not to compare yourself with other photographers."


Interview with Photographer Gena G Silva

Gothic Beauty

"Ideas come from a multitude of places, you know, and it’s important to know what makes you tick."


Interview with Model Luliia Kapranova

Grace and Elegance

"the best advice is always be developing yourself and have the desire to do what you really love in life."

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Interview with Make up Artist Arina Kondretava

Bright Colours

"Then I realized that makeup is my life, when you work long hours and do not feel tired, it means you are doing the thing that you love most"


Interview with Model Agnes Wade

The Calling of Agnes Wade

"Always work with people who encourage you to grow and find the right balance between art and commerce. Keep going until you are satisfied with your accomplishment."


Interview with Photographer Maria Filatova

The Power of Self in a Single Woman

The photographer and the model are inspired by “Single Women”. A term that was once a question of, “So why are you still single” is no longer a taboo subject because ... well ... no reason just because. Why should there be a reason?


Creatives in 2020

Article Written by Michael Purvis - Hairstylist 

"my advice isn’t to take a break and come back in 2021 it’s to get right in and make the rest of this year count, as you’ll find most people are trying to do the same."


Interview with Model Lifestyle Shootings


"I am a german photographer located near Stuttgart. I started with my own photo business 2011. My shooting areas are natural and creative people photography. I am also working as a wedding photographer and i am coaching other photographer in portrait photography and retouching skills. I started with my own photo business 2011."


About the Lavish Team


" honey you are never to old to follow your dreams"
I live by this and would be my advice to any upcoming model. 


Interview with Model Daria Pustarnak and Team

Slow Wedding

"The idea for the “Slow Wedding” session was born completely naturally, because all of us loves the boho style. For most of us, it was the first styling session. However, despite of the fact that we didn’t had a chance to work together before"


Interview with Photographer Tedy Photography


" photography is my therapy, my greatest escape from reality. I love that I can be creative with the subject/model and bring my vision comes to live. "


Interview with Photographer Tatyana Zhuravleva

The Chronicles of the Modern Witch

"I am in favour of preserving naturalness, so that the person after treatment remains himself"


Interview with Photographer Fabrizio Ricciardi

THE ZOOM LIFE - Online Shoot

"My ultimate goal is to show the public all the photographic sequences that I did during the pandemic and to show that it is possible to make art despite the limitations that appear. "


Interview with Model Ana Chrisshay

Dark Seduction

"I just believe beauty should be represented by models of all sizes, ages, and height. It should not be represented by the old traditional standard because that isn't realistic beauty comes in all forms and this is the industry where it should be seen."


Interview with Photographer Alexandra Marisia Pop

Malmö- morning, day time, night time

" *You need to be your biggest fan first because if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect others to?* kliché but true. "


Interview with Model Elyse Ferrari

A Model Study

“Be yourself everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde


Sapphire's Latest Release

Driving Home for Christmas

“’Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is actually a one-take recording, and I was crying by the time I sung the last words,”


Interview with Stylist Hannah "HannahBe" Meshesha

Fury Road

"We find some pretty incredible vintage pieces while thrifting, so I am writing a tell all book on thrifting coming out Spring 2021!...."


Interview with photographer Amber Ofir

Desert Explorer

"I believe that with or without great equipment, your eyes and passion are the only gear you truly need. "


Interview with Photographer Gemma de los Santos

The Urban Toiles

"Believe in yourself, be patient and constant with your work, enjoy it, and have your own fantasies with what you would like to make with your art."


Interview with Photographer Milan Cacic

Elements of Style

"Always begin with comprehension of analogue Photography. It is the only way to unterstand the matter from the roots"


About Photographer Brandon Greere

Flower Child

It is clear that Brandon’s drive and support circle is immeasurable and that OPULENCE MMXVI is a brand to look out for.


About the works of Trashion Tribe


"Humans have created such an unbalanced and unsustainable lifestyle that is fast approaching a moment of no return in the process of their own extinction. It seems no other wakeup call will work until it rings the catastrophe alarm during the collapse."


Interview with Model Nicky Thomas

Denim and Detailed

"photography has definitely changed me, I'm a lot more relaxed, having a hobby turn into a career is a dream come true"


Interview with Photographer  Fernando Matoso

Skin Borders

" we need to understand that our skin might be waterproof but is not a wall, it might hold us but does not define us, it might constrain but also lead us to the closest intimate contact with another. "


Interview with Model Jenna E. Tait

Tangled in Blue

"I hope to create a model agency that changes the game and educate the new "aspiring models" right from wrong in the industry. "


Good Side Bad Side
Clothing Article


The GSBS brand was born out of the need to provide urban wears that are exclusive, well made and affordable, and the CEO Tyson Green has taken the bull by the horns by building a high-class street fashion brand that does just that. 


Interview with Photographer Lauren Parsons

Double Minded

"keep going and practicing and experimenting. Don’t chase the money or ‘fame’ do it for you because you love it and it’ll come to you."


Interview with Photographer Greg Townes

From Streets With Love

"remembering to take a break to re create your thoughts, I believe my best work comes out when I take a break and go back into it with a clear state of mind. "


Interview with Photographer Marta Filipczyk


"photography is about connection and intimacy between you and the person, a special relationship and about capturing a moment in a way that forces the others to stop for a second and think about it. "


Interview with Photographer Maria Luisa Restrepo

Beauty Edit

" Once I graduated I knew for a fact I wanted to pursue photography instead of business "


Interview with Photographer Alejandro Padilla


Alejandro Padilla, is a young photographer portraying his truth, his reality, his present. She joins fashion in 2017, collaborating with diverse talents, proposes unique, colorful, moving, monochromatic scenes with an exaggerated perspective of the world.


Interview with Model Lizzy Harvey

Put a Bow on It

"Being signed to The Rock agency felt like every little girls' dreams come true. I'm beyond excited to get the opportunity."


Interview with Photographer Becky Brown

Inner Reflections

At only 17 has been featured in 20 print magazines since July 2020 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. From her creative mind and intriguing outlook and conceptualisation,


Interview with Photographer Kendall Kinmiar James Cunningham 

Hello Red

" I don’t like a lot of distractions between me and the subject. Sometimes the model’s presence is enough for me to create."


Interview with Photographer Mihai Stefan

October Colors 

"Every time I take a photo shoot I have a favorite photo and I often say “this is my best picture”. I’m glad that it happens at every photo shoot because that’s a proof that I’m evolving."


Interview with Photographer Jenna Michelle

Lavish Living

"Trust your eye and don’t follow the trend!"


Interview with Photographer Andy Cliff

Beyond the Chaos

"Andy Clift is a Fashion Photographer from Aldershot, Hampshire. Influenced by Vogue, Surrealism and a life of art and discovery, he loves connecting with people through his art. He once drank so much Red Wine, his friend thought he was vomiting blood."


Interview with Model Lera Levinski

Miss New York US Nation

"Don't try to follow stereotypes or you will merge with the mass. Be yourself. And remember: all limits are only in your head. Believe in yourself 100%, "


Interview with Model Jade Houtekins

Jade Houtekins

" I love the fact that all girls from differents ethnies are accepted. This is so important to show the beauty of all the women of the world. "


Interview with Musican Lyne-Marie


"Alicia Keys. Big inspo for me. I would absolutely love to work with her. "


Interview with Model Sara Candido-Velazquez

Simple Details of Beauty

"I think every accomplishment is a big accomplishment. To see how my life changed, the art of every photo, the rush from a fashion show, or the success of a magazine publication are all big accomplishments that are shaping my career into something even bigger."


Interview with Model Natalie Spivak

Royal Vibes

"many models put themselves in eating disorders conditions, but it is not a solution to stay beautiful. Besides that images of very slim models lead not only millions of women, but also teenagers to eating disorders."


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