Interview with Model Elyse Ferrari

A Model Study

Photographer: Moments Suspended in Time Photography @msit_photo
Female Model: Elyse Ferrari @elyseferrari


Who do you look up to when it came to pursuing modeling?

a. I think like many females, I grew up watching the Victoria’s Secret Runway Shows on TV. The designer clothes, live music, presentation and angel wings definitely made an impression. My two favorite models I look up to are two VS models: Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr. I feel like they show opposites: fierce and sweet. Adriana is strong, gorgeous and speaks 4 languages. Miranda is sweet, beautiful and one of the highest paid female models in the world. They both are mothers and each of them still model and look amazing. I think they both show you can model, have a home life and inspire others.

How do you balance personal life and modeling?

a. Being able to organize is something I have always enjoyed, so getting to plan my days comes naturally. When I can, I try to schedule shoots that are at places I would want to go in my free time: museums, exhibits, parks – this way I get work and play at the same time!

If your friends had to describe you, what would they say?

a. They would definitely point out that I hardly ever stop smiling! Not afraid to let loose, but also the one making sure everything is taken care of properly. Joyful, warm and caring.

What’s your favourite hairstyle?

a. The style that I still am working on getting into my repertoire; voluminous, natural wavy hair cascading down.

You seem like a lovely positive person! How do you keep happy, fitness and healthy?

a. This put a literal smile on my face! It makes me so happy that my joy comes across in my photos. Growing up with the faith-based view to keep the future in mind, I have cultivated a heart of gratitude that helps me with everything that comes my way. Plus, I have a supportive group of core friends and family that are always there for me. I’ve been dancing since age 5 and that encapsulates happy, healthy and fitness all in one!

Do you have any tips for beginner models going professional?

a. “Be yourself everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde
Work with as many people as you can, don’t be embarrassed to check references, continually practice your craft and enjoy the growth process.

Tell us about one of your favourite series you’ve worked on?

a. I had an absolute blast shooting at the "Happy Place" pop-up exposition. Basically, you go through a series of rooms all designed to make you happy! There was a room where everything was yellow, a room with real cookies and wallpaper cookies, a giant ball pit you could jump in like a swimming pool, a life-size confetti snowglobe you could go inside…it was so imaginative, creative and colorful, it really was a new surprise at every turn. The room I enjoyed posing in the most was a room that appeared to be upside-down: it really pushed my ideas thinking how the photos would look to the viewer!


What is you biggest accomplishment so far?

a. This year I have had the privilege of being on 5 magazine covers and this is my third interview: proud accomplishments for an independent model!

I know this is a bit of a tough question because of how the year has gone but what is your plan for the next year, anything exciting coming up? And goals you want to hit?

a. I do have a few shoots that are on hold, and I always look forward to shoots. My goal this year if things get back to normal, is to get signed with a modeling agency.

Lastly thanks so much for being a part of intra, where could our readers find more about you?

a. Thank you for the interview! I created a website for my modeling work and I put my latest shoots and publications on there: elyseferrari.com. You can also follow my modeling journey on Instagram at instagram.com/elyseferrari.