Creatives in 2020

Article Written by Michael Purvis - Hairstylist 

Photographer - Hannah Maura 
Hair – Michael Purvis 
Make Up – Alannah Carson 
Models – Hayley Wilson – Joseph Locke 
Assistants - Callum Ollason  - Sandra Garcia – Taylor Greer


I am lucky that these days I spend most of my time around creative people, and the one thing I’ve noticed is that despite the decline in other industries like travel and manufacturing, we as a creative industry are actually doing well. Even know over 400,000 creative jobs could be lost in the UK with a projected loss of £1.5 billion a week in revenue in 2020. But I have talked to many people over the past 3 months who have lost their jobs or who’s companies have gone completely under, however, they told me that actually they are excited to be now working on the thing they love most, being creative, To find a new and unique  way to start over is the new creative mission.  

One of these like minded people is Lauren Grieve, CEO of ROC Communications who started her own agency, matching up brands and professionals all over the UK, she aims to use all her contacts to create something that is all her own.

But what about all the other talents out there? Well from my point of view I can see so many people becoming more flexiable, some working for half what they did before. Because, they know if they make work in 2020 it will get seen more, because so many big brands are holding off on their marketing shoots, this opens up the limelight for new talent to shine and for those who really love to create to be seen. 
The shoot shown here was photographed by Hannah Maura in the beautiful House of Gods Hotel, Edinburgh, it was the first shoot we worked on after the Uk lockdown ended. Got to say it was fantastic to be back and everyone was just happy to create again. so if your feeling down my advice isn’t to take a break and come back in 2021 it’s to get right in and make the rest of this year count, as you’ll find most people are trying to do the same.