Interview with Photographer Alejandro Padilla


Photographer: ALEJANDRO PADILLA @alejandro.padilla.g


Alejandro Padilla, is a young photographer portraying his truth, his reality, his present. She joins fashion in 2017, collaborating with diverse talents, proposes unique, colorful, moving, monochromatic scenes with an exaggerated perspective of the world.

Photography is used not only as a method of expression but as a record of every part of his life. Every color, every segment of light, every portrait, every location and moment, fragments feelings and perspectives. Photography generates an alternate perspective of what we understand as "reality" making us question the beauty and ugliness of each element.

Your images are constantly beautiful, How do you think you found your style?

Thank you for considering my photographs beautiful.

I found my style experimenting with all kinds of people who were willing to collaborate with me, as well as trying to replicate compositions and illuminations of photographers I admire, such as Jesus Villanueva, Josh Olins, Emma Tempest, Txemayeste, Kikixue.


How do you think your interest in Photography started?

Since I can remember I felt identified by pieces of art that haunted the houses I visited. I was so interested in photographs and paintings that I wondered why they existed.
I started with a small analog camera taking pictures in the street and portraying friends wishing excited to see the print result; I was excited to get a good picture of a 35-millimeter film.

What would you say made you fall in love with Photography?

I started portraying friends, random people and each photograph was better than the last one. Seeing my work published by an international magazine I was impressed and I fell in love with photography.
When I started studying semiotics, I fell in love with the possibilities of editorials and fashion campaigns.

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

In my experience, one of the most difficult challenges has been to obtain the desire to surpass me editorial after editorial and campaign after campaign.
I will always look for ways to improve myself. At the same time, get the necessary equipment to imitate the great photographers I admired.

What is the Best advice someone has told you?

Dreaming impossible things makes you outdo yourself day by day.

If you like what you’re doing, you’re on the right track, but never settle.

And what’s the Best advice you have given / would give to someone?

We all have a process to know our style and workflow.
None person is going to feel what you feel when you are shooting; You must know and accept yourself. Try to experiment and never settle, you can always get better results throughout your life. The secret of all photographers is to try it.

What has been your favorite photoshoot to date?

Not less than a year ago I went to Los Angeles, California and I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with a Mexican makeup artist and a Vietnamese Model; Basically, it was an adventure to get to the place and find the locations. The result was to be the cover of Like a Lion Magazine, I fell in love.


Favorite piece of gear?

My Favorite gear i think it is my 85 mm. It has amazing sharpness.

For an upcoming photographer, what advice would you give?

Be yourself and no one will stop you.
Try everything, but always see new photos and try to find out how the image was made and what was its creation process.
Study semiotics and read “Los 4 acuerdos”.

What's on your bucket list?

I want to study for a Master's in Fashion Photography in Europe and live there. It is one of my closer bucket list.

Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?

I think that I would like to be living in Spain doing campaigns and editorials for brands and designers, because fashion photography is an art in all expression for me, and I would like to meet a lot of people that have the talent and the desire to grow and outdo themselves.

What are some plans of yours for 2021? Any big projects you are looking forward to? Or any goals you are hoping to reach?

In this moment of my life, I am finishing my career in Photography and I have in mind to put Fashion photography in museums because in my opinion fashion photography has the necessary art values to be considered a piece of art.
It is not only the job of the photographer but of many efforts of people involved; Makeup artist, fashion designer, stylist, model, assistances and all that persons that have the desire of outdo themselves and be somebody in the media.
I think we all deserve to have the opportunity to be in the eyes of the world; this is one of my goals in my life.