Interview with Make up Artist Arina Kondretava

Bright Colours

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Arina Kondrateva @ari_kondrateva Female Model: Model : sigma_samara @sigma_samara 
Photographer: Photograper : Alla • Belolipetskaya @belaya_i_pyshistaya Makeup Artist: Arina Kondrateva @ari_kondrateva
Hair Stylist: Hairstyle: Tatiana Parovatova @paravatovatatiana


Hey Arina, We are so happy to have you as a part of INTRA magazine, Could you tell our readers a little about your self?

I started my creative career with photography. Realizing my ideas and creating images for models on my own, I realized that I want to learn this and do it professionally. Graduated as a makeup artist and hair stylist. Already with the skills of a professional master, I began to work hard, improving my skills. I work with many photographers who have created and shot many bold and creative images together.
I work on projects with famous designers. She was a speaker at the interregional photography festival “Photo Camp | festival of photography on the Black sea”. In 2019, she took 1st place at the 3rd interregional championship “Brows vogue” in the category Creative eyebrows. I am a teacher at the Saint Petersburg school of television.

We adore the mixture of colours and textures within these shots! 
What were your inspirations or thought processes behind these looks?
Is there a story?

Thank you very much, when you come up with an image, everything starts with one detail, you think about how and how you can do it, you select products, cosmetics, accessories, materials, and then you put it together in a complete picture. The work of the entire team is also important, and the result depends on it. The work of a model, the work of a photographer is the key to success and good photos.
I wanted to create bright and juicy frames, for the image with yarn, I bought colored threads, made a lot of colored balls of thread, handmade earrings complemented the images and everything turned out bright and juicy

Is Make-up something you have always been passionate about?

Since childhood, I liked creative professions, my father is an artist, and I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, but then I studied Economics. I came to the profession of a make-up artist through photography, photographed myself, made images for models myself, and then studied to be a make-up artist and hair stylist. Then I realized that makeup is my life, when you work long hours and do not feel tired, it means you are doing the thing that you love most


Which element of your job do you love the most?

I love creative work, creative shooting, it inspires me and fills me with happiness.

Do you have a signature look?

This is my name, my style.

Nude tones or bolds?

Always in different ways, I like clean, fresh skin, I like to add wet elements, light tone, radiance. I do not like dense tones on the face and skin, I do not like a lot of extra makeup, I like it when it is stylish and delicious.

Is there any Make-up artists who has influenced or inspired you through you creative journey?

I look at the work of different makeup artists from different countries, we have a lot of good makeup artists in our country, but I am more inspired by the work of photographers, artists, creating a complete image, and not just make-up, I like the whole picture to be beautiful
For me, beauty is a feeling that inspires. I love just looking at people on the street, we have a lot of beautiful people. Beauty can be simple and gentle, when nothing is superfluous, beauty can also be juicy, bright, challenging, I look for beauty in everyday life every day and find it always

What are your 3 beauty do’s and dont’s?

Cleansing your skin is important for beautiful makeup, skin hydration, skin nutrition. Imagine a white sheet of paper, if you wrinkle it in your hand, then straighten it, you won’t write a beautiful picture on it, and our skin, if it is dry, flakes, if the skin looks dull and tired, you will never make beautiful makeup on it.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment to date?

To date, my achievement is that I can do what I like. I can be inspired and Express this inspiration in my work and creativity, that I am free. I really feel sorry for makeup artists who work only to earn more money, of course money is an important part of life, but not the main one.

Is there any thing key in the future your aiming for?

Yes, I want to be famous. I want to work on big projects in different countries. I want a good team of like-minded people and good specialists to get a good product in the end.

Lets talk about equipment for a bit! Do you have any favourite pieces of kit you couldn’t live without?

The most important thing that I could not live without in the profession of makeup artist is my hands. And this is serious. You can make a beautiful image only with your hands, without equipment. With your fingers, you can comb and style your hair, you can use water, tree branches, plants, berries, spices)) But if the answer is standard, let it be a comb for the hair, and a Foundation and lipstick for the face.


Lastly do you have any tips for aspiring MUA’s at the start of their journey?

Don’t be afraid to work, don’t be afraid of people, if something didn’t work out, you can always redo it. Work hard, develop your hands, develop your creative taste. Do your job with joy and pleasure, enjoy your work and your life.

We want to Thank you for featuring within INTRA, where could viewers find more information about you and connect with your work?

You can view my work on my instagram page @ari_kondrateva , where you can always find the latest and most up-to-date news and contacts. 
Thank you for your questions, happy to cooperate