Interview with Model Ana Chrisshay

Dark Seduction

Photographer: Nichelle Long @Changing_Perceptions19
Female Model/Hair Stylist: Ana Chrisshay @JacFrancois @Queen__Muva
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Briana Francois @jacfrancois
Makeup Artist: Ashley Lucas @Ashmar.beauty
Creative Director: Sophie Metellus@elisthmeth


Who do you look up to when it came to pursuing modeling?

* I looked up to Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones because of their fierceness, their boldness, and their beauty to name a few. Naomi Campbell’s walk has always been what I loved the most about her and Grace Jones iconic poses that screams I'm in charge.. Both are things that remind me so much of myself.

Why did you choose to start modeling?

* I chose modeling because I felt it was a different way to express myself and to show the world my creativity, my beauty, and my style. I really loved watching Naomi and Tyra with their beautiful faces and perfect bodies, serious faces and iconic walks strutting down the runway with all eyes on them. I mean I just knew that I wanted to be something like them.

How do you balance personal life and modelling?

* I make it a priority to set aside the time to be with family and friends. It's important for me to do that because they are a part of my success. They support me to the fullest so there's no excuse for why i cant set aside time to send them a text or a quick facetime call in between shoots or even on the way to a Go To. I even sometimes like to clear my schedule and be fully in the moment with them to really enjoy our time together.

What does a day look like for you?

* I usually start my day with a gratitude prayer to the universe for where I am in life and all of the blessings I have come to know. After I have finished with my oral hygiene, morning yoga, and shower routine, I then take time to respond to any emails, messages, dms or any type of collaboration projects. If i have any bookings or shoots or anything i get ready for my day with that. And if not, I go ahead and start planning and setting goals for my next project by creating mood boards coming up with concepts, reaching out to collaborators like photographers etc. I edit a few pictures and take any virtual meetings that may be scheduled. I am always working towards my next project.

If your friends had to describe you, what would they say?

* My friends would say I am extremely positive, always happy and smiling, very funny, really pretty and smell good all the time. LOL they literally say all the time how my energy is so light, bright and peaceful and that I am such a kind loving person. Even strangers would come up to me and say that I have a calmness about me and a beautiful person inside and outside.

So we see you also styled your own hair for this shoot, has hair styling always been something you have been into?

* Yes I did style my hair for this shoot. I am really big on hair styles. I have been styling my own hair as far back as I can remember. I do not mind being styled by another hair stylist but i can just about do it all because its something i take a big liking to.

Whats your favourite hairstyle?

* These days I am all for a bald blonde finger wave style in which is the style I am wearing now. I often switch my hair up a lot so it depends on how I am feeling and what i'm looking to achieve.

You seem like a lovely positive person! How do you keep up happy, fitness and healthy?

* Thank you people tell me this all the time. I tend to try to keep my mind clear by meditation, yoga, walking, and being really intentional with what I am consuming into my body. A clean diet so I do not eat meat sodas fried or fast foods and I have started intermittent fasting. I try to stay vibrating high by staying in control of my emotions and pretty much just staying focused on things that make me happy. I mentally physically and spiritually affirm positive things to myself.

Do you have any tips for beginner models going professional?

* Tips i can give would definitely be to get an understanding of which lane of modeling that you fit into for example : commercial or runway because there are so many different lanes of modeling. Next take time to develop a marketable professional portfolio making sure that you have digitals of your most natural state, headshots that are clear and measurements.These portfolios should show how versatile you are. Develop a look for yourself because your look is your brand and will be what sells you to the potential client. Submit to different agencies and go to the open calls that they have. These are just a few tips.

Tell us about one of your favourite series you’ve worked on!

* One of my favorite series I worked on would be the Mother Nature series where I had locs in my hair and I took a couple of weeks in different outdoor scenery that had a lot of greenery like trees, grass and things like that with different looks to capture the oneness with Mother Earth. I felt so connected to the earth and my roots it was my favorite for sure.


What is you biggest accomplishment so far?

* My biggest accomplishment in which I am so grateful for would definitely have to be with being given the opportunity to grace the cover of your magazine. I have always wanted this and you gave it to me and for that i will forever be grateful. This is such a huge accomplishment that will be framed for sure lol. So Thank You for this.

If you could choose to work with anyone, who would you want to model for?

* I have always wanted to work with Target, Maybelline, and Covergirl. I used to practice the commercials in the mirrors for hours. I absolutely love watching the girls on the commercials and on the posters inside of the stores because it's me that I see.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

* I would definitely change the height, age, and size requirements. I just believe beauty should be represented by models of all sizes, ages, and height. It should not be represented by the old traditional standard because that isn't realistic beauty comes in all forms and this is the industry where it should be seen.

I know this is a bit of a tough question because of how the year has gone but what is your plan for the next year, anything exciting coming up? And goals you want to hit?

* My plan for the next year is just continuing to develop and grow more into a more successful model that up and coming models look up to. I do have quite a few exciting things coming. The goals I would love to hit is to collaborate with the name brand beauty and designer campaigns. But overall staying safe and healthy throughout the year.

Lastly thanks so much for being a part of intra, where could our readers find more about you?

* You are so welcome. Thank you for this opportunity. I am so grateful to be a part of INTRA. The readers can catch up with me and all of the work on my social media platforms.
@Queen__Muva on IG
@Queen_Muva on SC
@AnaChrisshay on Fb