Interview with photographer Amber Ofir

Desert Explorer

Female Model: Lital Ofir @litalofir_ Female Model/Fashion Designer: Lital Ofir @litalofir.studio 
Photo Editor/Photographer: Amber Ofir @amberofir Jewelry Designer: Cami @cami_jewelry


Hey Amber, we are so happy to have you as a part of INTRA magazine. We have shared your work many of times over our socials could you tell our readers abit about your self? 

My name is Amber Ofir and I am a fashion photographer from Israel.

What were you inspirations or thought processes behind this series? 

My idea was to try to assimilate the model with the view and to make a perfect combination of the model with the curves of the desert.

When do you first remember getting involved in photography? Was it something you have always been passionate about? 

My first time ever holding a “real” camera was 3 years ago. My cousin lost interest in photography and he brought his camera to my sister who had just started a fashion blog. But she needed someone to take a pictures of her ... so I started “with no alternative” to play with it and very quickly fell in love with it. 


What would you say is your favourite thing about photography? 

To share the world my point of view.

Do you think its changed you in anyway?

Yes, because in every session I try to bring a new little part of my inner world.

Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

I do love my gear, but I believe that with or without great equipment, your eyes and passion are the only gear you truly need. 


If you had unlimited money and resources to create whatever shoot set up you wanted, who and what would you photograph?

One of my biggest dream is to shoot runway of the greatest fashion designers in Paris on fashion week.

Your images are without a doubt, constantly flawless. What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work?

I try to generate the interest and curiosity of people to try to understand what motivated me to shoot the scene exactly the way it was taken.

Do you have any favourite images of your own? 

Yes, In fact one of my pictures that inspires me to this day is one of my first pictures I took for the very first time in my life with a camera.

Is there another photographer who has influenced or inspired you through you creative journey?

Annie Leibovitz.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment to date? 

Get an appreciation for my work from people who previously wouldn’t understand the meaning behind “Photography”.