Interview with Photographer Lauren Parsons

Double Minded

Wardrobe Stylist: Megan Garcia @meg.styling
Female Model: Kaitlyn Covington @kaitlyn_covington
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist/Female Model: Adrianna Munoz Cruz @amarieemunoz
Photographer: Lauren Parsons @lparsonsphotography


A short Biography about yourself:

My name is Lauren Parsons, I am about to turn 20, and I am a portrait, boudoir, and fashion photographer local to Austin, TX.

What would you say made you fall in love with Photography?

Falling in love with photography was not something I expected to happen but I am so glad it did. I have been modeling for 3 years and then I almost had the ‘ah ha’ moment of “why not try standing on the other side of the camera” and that brought me to borrowing my dad's camera and doing mini photoshoots with my sister and friends. There was something about being able to capture a moment that no one else was able to see in that second.

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

As a photographer you are there throughout the entire process, meaning you are involved in the planning, the shoot, and after the shoot it is your job to deliver the photos. Photography is definitely more time consuming than it may appear to be at face value but it is so absolutely worth it when your team is able to see the final product and is as obsessed with the photos as you are, that feeling makes the late night editing completely worth it.

Your aesthetic is beautiful we love how bright and vibrant your images are, How do you think you found your style?

My style is still something I am trying to hone into with every shoot, the one aspect I know I am true to is making the subject and the scene look as natural as possible so the final product shows no surprises and is close to what real life looks like. The eye and the camera can sometimes see different things and I want to eliminate that gap. Additionally, having a variety of modeling pictures sent back to me in the past definitely plays a part of knowing what look I think is the most captivating and what I lean towards.

Tell us about your editing process?

After every shoot I immediately go home and import my pictures into Lightroom and send one sneak peek of the set that night to the team or individual, this gives all of us a preview of what the collection will look like. I do my culling and colour adjustments in Lightroom and from the chosen photos I will take them in to Photoshop to fix any blemishes or obstructions in the background. I really try not to do too much except enhance natural beauty because when the model looks at the photos I want them to be able to recognize themselves and see how naturally beautiful they are.


When planning a photoshoot is there any key things you look for in a location?

Once myself and the individual or team has decided an overall tone we want for the shoot, then we move onto the scouting. I have a couple go tos, for example: if we pick more nature, I love shooting in parks with lots of greenery. And if we pick more industrial or urban I love parking garages. I think a common misconception is that you need to find somewhere incredibly specific or fancy. Just make sure the background isn’t more blank than the foreground or it totally throws off the depth perception.
For this particular shoot, Megan Garcia- our stylist, picked this location. This is incredibly helpful because I know right away what her vision is, after any small location move I show her and the model the frame in camera, get opinions, and adjust accordingly.

What has been your favourite photoshoot to date?

I put my all into every shoot whenever it is happening so it is very hard to pick, it’s like picking a favourite child! I can say that some of my top shoots have been: this prop styling shoot featured with Megan as the stylist and Kaitlyn as the model. A shoot that really boosted my confidence was with a girl named Hunter in a parking lot. And a light and airy yellow field shoot with another girl named Kenah.

Is there any equipment thats a favourite and you always use?

I am very loyal to my Canon 5D mark II. This camera was a hand me down from my dad and it has stayed my favourite. As far as lenses go, my personal favourite is the 50mm 1.8.

What is the Best advice someone has told you?

You don’t need to have the best of the best of all the equipment, what really makes a shoot beautiful is knowing angles, colour balance, and composition.

And what’s the Best advice you have given / would give to someone?

Keep going. I know it can be disheartening if you aren’t booking any gigs, but keep going and practicing and experimenting. Don’t chase the money or ‘fame’ do it for you because you love it and it’ll come to you.


For an up coming photographer, what advice would you give?

From a technical standpoint- one of the biggest skills that boosted my photos is the concept of sub framing- creating a frame within a frame, this gives the eyes a strong idea of where the main focus is in the photo.
And from a personal standpoint- just be comfortable. Be you, play some music on a speaker, show your subject the photos so they know how to adjust, give them positive affirmation. And PRACTICE!

Anything on your bucket list?

I have an absolute dream to take pictures with horses involved. I think those pictures are always so beautiful and I have always always wanted to shoot in a field with horses.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I dream of traveling around the world and taking pictures of different people in different places. I would love to have the flexibility to pack a bag and fly somewhere the next day and I think photography is amazing for that.

As this magazine is being released on New Years eve we have to ask, What are some plans of yours for 2021? Any big projects you are looking forward to? Or any goals you are hoping to reach?

For 2021 I hope to make more connections, start safely traveling for shoots and projects, and expand my portfolio tenfold. I will have a couple of small events happening throughout 2021 including one in late January with another photographer @r0s3bug_film for boudoir and I hope to solidify more events.

Thanks for being a part of intra, where could our readers find more about you

I have a website!! ​https://www.lparsonsphotography.com​ and my instagram is @lparsonsphotography