Interview with Photographer Chen Levi

Dream Come True

Photography& Production: Chen Levi
Concept & Production: Rinat Mor
Outfit: Studio grotesque
Hair & Makeup: Yotam Machluf
Model: Kadochnikov Sergey
Video: Sasha Kozlov

I - Could you tell us about how you became involved with Photography and realised you wanted to be a Photographer? 

C - All my life I’ve been taking pictures and documenting ever since I remember my self. My camera was and still is an extension of my hand. Since my grandma passed away, I decided to make good use of my will, I took photography lessons. Then I realized that I know nothing about Photography.

I - Do you think that Photography has changed you in any way? What do you love most about Photography?

C - Photography changed me. I have been always a shy person and didn’t like socializing with people. As the years went by Photography opened me to people and since then I am always interested about the story behind every subject I photograph.

I - If you had unlimited resources who and what would you photograph?

C - I would travel more to exotic locations with the best model that I can get. I have made some overseas productions, but those were with limited budget.

I - How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

C - I keep my self-motivation by creating more editorials and surrounding myself with creative artists. Never stop creating is my moto. 

I - Could you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your editorials that we featured?

C - On my 30th birthday I flew to London, the city of fashion and style. There, I visited Art museums and accidently found myself in an unknown Fashion Photographer's exhibition. As I wonder through different shots, something powerful hit me. Later I realized, something within me has changed. I was aiming higher and now was looking to create a project that would be immediately recognized with my unique Photography.

I - What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work? 

C - I would like them to enter a whole world of dreams and like them to know that everything is possible. I would like them to look at me and say: “She is a weird Photographer , but in a unique way that we like”.

I - Do you have any tips for Photographers/Creatives at the start of their journey?

C - The best tip that I would give to beginners, don’t you stop daring! Don’t wait for someone else to create for you a production or concept and you will show up only to take the pictures, create your own themes and things. Build your visual language and don’t settle, but the best.


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