Sapphire's Latest Release

Driving Home for Christmas

Photo: Joe Magowan @joe_magowan
Creative Director: Emily Barker @emilybarkercreative
Stylist: Sophia Katyea @sophiakatyea
HMUA: Annelie Byström @annelie_bystrom



At just seventeen years old, London based singer-songwriter, Sapphire, has already amassed a wide discography, adding to such with the release of her festive EP ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ on December 4th.

The title track provides a modernised take on the traditional Christmas song in way of an acoustic-led cover, complimented by soft and soulful, yet powerful vocals.

Sapphire’s delivery of her music is understood, nigh self-explanatory, when looking at her musical inspirations of Édith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Clairo; (to name just a few) only enhanced when coupled with knowledge that the songs featured on the EP hold memories dear to the singer, “Driving Home for Christmas has always been the last song I’d hear in the car with my family as we drove to stay with our close family friends in Scotland for Christmas every year.” Family is something Sapphire clearly holds dear, telling us at one point: “My idols have always been my parents though, they’ve always shown me that it’s possible to achieve the impossible and to never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.”


The rendition of her second track, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ also allows for Sapphire to showcase her captivating stylings through her mesmerizingly emotional reimagining of the Christmas classic, alongside accredited producer Steve Anderson. “’Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is actually a one-take recording, and I was crying by the time I sung the last words,” Sapphire admitted.

The undeniable talent of the singer-songwriter has garnered a lot of deserved attention upon social media, accrediting her with 114 thousand Instagram followers and over 120 million YouTube views. Sapphire has impressively utilised her large platform in the interest of positivity; speaking upon on key issues that plague her generation, such as cyberbullying. “Honestly, I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to talk about things like bullying and mental health. It’s so important that we all look out for each other, especially during the events we’ve experienced this year.” Of course, these events Sapphire alludes to have prohibited her from performing live, with her exclaiming “I miss it more than anything!”


After the release of this EP it appears as though Sapphire has no plans to slow down, “I’m just taking every day as it comes! I’m loving every moment and am so thankful for the incredible opportunities. [I] definitely want to release music next year!”

On the tracks, SAPPHIRE says: "Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, as its always a time for togetherness and making memories with the ones we love. I hope my reimagined versions of these songs can take people back to their favourite memories, but also be the soundtrack to new ones...”

You can listen to Sapphire’s EP ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on streaming platforms worldwide and keep up to date with her social media at:

YouTube: Sapphire

Instagram: @SapphireOfficial

Twitter: @SapphireSing