Interview with Photographer Milan Cacic

Elements of Style

Wardrobe Stylist: Valentina Cacic Female Model: Petra Lampadius @petralampadius
Model: Christof Lampadius @christoflampadius Photographer: Milan  Cacic  @milancacicphoto 
Makeup Artist: Julia Ohlmeyer @juliaohlmeyer Model: Raphael Valentin Fashion Designer: Rico Anantha @13anantha


What were your inspirations or thought processes behind this series? Is there a story?

Since ever I wanted to produce a series where beautiful dresses are blown around beautiful women. Its all about the wind and its magic. 

How do you prepare for a series? Do you create a picture in your head beforehand? Or do you rather go with the flow?

In this case in had to ask my friend, Designer Rico Anantha, to create this special fashionseries, in which delicate and flowing fabrics are combined with lots of delightfullness. In his next fashion show you can see all the amazing pieces.  And of course, I also have a storyboard, but I also go with the flow - so its a good mixture. 

What does photography mean to you?

Bringing my visions into picture. It fulfills my soul. 

What kind impression do you want viewers to get from your work?

Feeling drawn to my artwork - opening a door to a world of sweet feelings, matured beauty with a dash of deepness and some little hidden details. 

Did you always want to be a photographer? Is it something you have always been passionate about?

Definetely! Since I was a kid watching my uncle developing pictures. I’ve always wanted to discover the magic of white paper turning into a picture.

If you weren’t a photographer, what do you imagine you might be doing?

Be creative in a different way. Also far from typical commerce and mainstream 

What would you say is your favourite thing about photography?

Women. Women. Women. And the art of the light. :-) 

Who were your biggest influences when you started? 

The good old times. Richard Avedon, Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon and David Hamilton. 


What do you think is your biggest accomplishment to date? 

Beside fulfilling my soul? Maybe that in my early days I already worked f.e. with Christian Reinhardt, the grandson of Max Reinhardt. In general, all the influences of the people I met on my path, I carry them in my heart, my style and my work. 

Is there any thing key in the future your aiming for? 

Exhibit one day with my daughter. I can teach her a lot about the Art of photography. Especially uniqueness. 

Lets talk about equipment! Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

I was always a Nikon Kid. I am still loyal. Of course, a Hasselblad is the queen of the studio. 

If you had unlimited resources and money to create whatever shoot set up you wanted; who and what would you photograph?

Travel with my Team to the most beautiful and mysterious places. 

Lastly do you have any tips for photographers/creatives at the start of their journey?

Always begin with comprehension of analogue Photography. It is the only way to unterstand the matter from the roots