Interview with Photographer Riccardo Riccio

Everything turns Grey in B&W

Photographer Riccardo Riccio
Makeup Artist Justine Sirabella
Fashion Designer Danielle Siobhan Cole
Model Fanny Edom
Hair Stylist Morgan ouatta


Could you tell us about how you became involved with photography and realised you wanted to be a photographer?

I worked as a cook and as an instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before photographing, after some health problems I was feeling more empowered to the fact that we are all passengers in life, so I decided to focus on my weakness, my vision. I was diagnosed as a kid with Stargardt disease in both my eyes, a degenerative retina problem that causes my sight to get blurrier over time.  

Do you think that photography has changed you in any way? What do you love most about Photography?

Photography now is my life, I wake up and go to sleep thinking of what are the next shootings, what message I want to tell others and how can I get better at it. I love how photography can tell a story so efficiently, even in a generation of fast viewers.

Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

A small camera on the pocket, ready for when you are in the right place.

If you had unlimited resources who and what would you photograph?

I would do what I do everyday, there is no shortcut to be good at something, or almost no shortcut. You can photograph whatever you want, even if you cannot photograph the subject itself, just like poetry.


How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

Each moodboard is different, and when you can work with a good team is the best sensation ever, you feel part of something bigger.

Could you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your editorials we featured?

I don't separate in my head editorial, fashion, street, conflicts, etc.. For me photography is something personal to my view. And I am myself no matter what place or subject I am photographing. 

What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work?

I don't like to work thinking of what others will see. I observe the story and try to document it.


Do you have any tips for photographers/creatives at the start of their journey?

Don't get inspired only by your field of art. Everything is connected. The world wants constantly to discover new things, we are all curious people, so try to do something that is yours, something honest and work non stop. If you don't earn money from your art then keep yourself busy. Do a list of things to do for tomorrow, then wake up, and do them all and write another. Everyday.

Amongst your work do you have a favourite and why?

Black to the Third Power, a series done with people I meet during the Black Lives Matter protests in Paris. I could finally mix documentary, editorial and studio in one project.

What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

I don't complain of anything, nor think of great things I did. I live everyday as a white belt, no one controls or owns photography, the camera is a tool only, use it in order to make memorable moments last longer.

Is there anything key in the future you're aiming for?

A world more united, with more knowledge and free choices for anyone in any country.