About Photographer Brandon Greere

Flower Child

Fashion: @brandongreere
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Stylist & Model & Cr Dir: @CeCebandit


Atlanta based Brandon Greere is a fashion designer originating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, driven to succeed in the world of fashion. 

When discussing the discovery of his passions, Brandon told us he’d known from a young age. “My mom loved it and had the gift, but nobody pushed her. When she saw that I was very passionate about it she really pushed me; she gave me half of her tax money and told me to move to Atlanta,” he said. 
That’s where Brandon then met business partner Bernadette Hurtte-Reid, who helped with the business side of fashion utilising her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Marketing. Together the pair created their brand: ‘OPULENCE MMXVI.’ When discussing the name of the brand Brandon told us, “Our style is more high-end, luxury, one of a kind pieces … we get inspired by the lifestyle of the rich one percent community.” 
However, that isn’t the only source of inspiration for the brand. With everything happening in the world right now, it’s certain that some individuals, especially in creative industries, have been suffering. However, Brandon has seen this as a source of inspiration, stating that “Being in house for months, it really makes you appreciate the earth and outside”, of which is clear from the locale of the shoot. 

From his optimism within the industry during the times we live in today, to his humble origin story and pursuit of his passion, it is clear that Brandon’s drive and support circle is immeasurable and that OPULENCE MMXVI is a brand to look out for. Greere has stated he’ll be working in expanding the manufacturing side of the business in the future with aims to support other up and coming designers. 

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