Interview with Stylist Hannah "HannahBe" Meshesha

Fury Road

Female Model: Miao Jiang @Halvorson Model Management
Retoucher: Katherine Chen
Wardrobe Stylist: Hannah "HannahBe" Meshesha
Wardrobe Assistant: Shaun Parker
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Jodie Collins
Photographer: Bill Reid


How did you get into styling initially?

I got into styling initially by shopping eco, sustainable fashion. I just started thrifting after I left corporate America. I then started to learn the resale value of my pieces and began to sell online. Since I started off dressing my mannequins to showcase my pieces, I realized the garments would look better on a live person. I started to book models and styled them at my home studio. That took off! I then started working with outer-collaborative teams that led to styling for tv, fashion shows, editorial campaigns and more.

Could you talk us through the outfits you styled together?

For the first look, we took a regular band tee shirt and upcycled it to a retro french cut bodysuit. This look was inspired by a grant I received from Black Artists Funds and non-profit organization that focuses on Black Artists. I wanted to create a sustainable product that we could mass produce with recycled materials while saving the earth and being fashionable. To complete the bodysuit look I used a paillette sequin duster. This duster was super glamorous, and I felt mixing the two pieces would work like magic.

For the next look, I want to blend lots of textures, colours and patterns for the new season. I was inspired by fall colours and created a look that brought lots of those colours together like rusts, greens, oranges, yellows, browns and blues. Since I have a vintage boutique in San Jose, California, I get to meet lots of stylish people and easily can forecast the next biggest trends worldwide. Some of our vendors in Japan were shopping for vintage checkered and flannel robes, as they are one of the hottest fashion trends there. The robes are being used as dusters for an extra layering technique, which is perfect for fall, I felt inspired by that trend and wanted to incorporate it into my fall inspired mixed-textured look.

For the final look, I wanted a whimsical 70’s Bohemian influence fall collection that meets the 90’s grunge era. For this look, I used a vintage sheer pearl embellished mesh high-waist skirt, we popped the skirt with a hint of colour with a 1990’s vintage Givenchy eggshell coloured stocking. Then I used a 1990’s Vintage SEBASTIAN leather studded jacket and a Doc-Martin influenced combat boot to add to the robust look. I then evened the look out with a romantic Vintage 1970’s Gunne Sax prairie blouse, in eggshell.

What was the thought process behind the styling of this shoot?

My thought process is always using sustainable fashion mixing a blend of recycled textiles, while blending textures, colours and patterns. My main objective when creating content is to work with the right team to bring out the vision.

What is your process for finding the perfect garments for a shoot, and what is your creative process for creating a finalised product?

The process for finding the perfect garments for a shoot and my creative process for creating a final product is sourcing the perfect wardrobe. The garment gives me inspiration first then we shoot a theme around that. As a Creative Director and Wardrobe Stylist we began a shoot with a concept. We have to have an initial concept that will influence the shoot. Once we have a concept I create a vision board to create a theme of looks that include hair, make up, wardrobe, models, photography, poses, location and more. Once we create the vision and concepts, we execute those concepts with our glam team which includes the Creative Director, Model, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Photographer, Assistant, Post editors and more.


Does the location for a shoot impact your choice in styling? If so, how?

The location can enhance the shoot, does it impact the shoot? No, because you can shoot in a studio with a simple white backdrop and still create amazing art.

What can our readers expect to see from you in the future?

What readers can expect to see in the future is an e-book written by me. Since I am a sustainable stylist and Creative Director I source all of my pieces ethically. We find some pretty incredible vintage pieces while thrifting, so I am writing a tell all book on thrifting coming out Spring 2021!

How can our readers keep up to date and connect with any existing or upcoming work of yours?

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