Interview with Photographer Matt Brown


Photographer: Matt Brown
Model: Magdalena Zalejska
Hair: Jenni Mccarroll
Make up: Ingrid Peregrin


I - Could you tell us about how you became involved with photography and realised you wanted to be a photographer?

M - My dad was an amateur photographer and so i pretty much held my first film camera when i was 2. But I fell in love with photography when I saw an image of Rannoch Moor in winter in black and white on a front cover of a photography magazine in a super market when i was about 8 and I just really wanted to know how to create something that looked that beautiful and created that much of a reaction. 

I - Do you think that photography has changed you in any way? What do you love most about Photography?

M - I spend my whole life looking, and that is because of photography, I love to create and photography has been the medium most suited to my ideas. Theres 2 things I love most about photography, the first is getting to meet and 
talk and gain insight into amazing peoples lives, you get a really intimate look into such a variety of peoples lives, I find it fascinating and I love hearing peoples stories and learning about their lives. 
The 2nd is that moment when your in a dark room and the image appears on the page in the developer, ive seen it 1000’s of times now but I still get excited everything the photo starts to form, its like seeing a magic trick - i know how  it works but it fills me with wonder every time.


I - Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

M - My hassleblad 500cm its just an amazing camera, I love it it does exactly what you want it to do and feels so nice to work with.  

I - If you had unlimited resources who and what would you photograph?

M - This is a great question! If I had unlimited resources I would us it to buy myself time - I have a very busy schedule and split my life between shooting stills and running a film production company and so I never get the amount of time 
I would like to shoot stills, especially on commercial jobs as time is such an important factor in managing budgets. So if I had unlimited resources I would spend a week shooting one model and experiment with, wet plate, polaroids, what ever ridiculously over 
pixelled digital camera was available at that time, lighting sets etc…!

I - How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

M - I love creating beautiful images, and I have that focus always and I feel very lucky that I’ve managed to craft a career that will allow me to do that. So I’ve never really had an issue with being motivated other than the thought of if I didn’t do this I might have ended up 
in a desk job- which is my worst nightmare! 


I - Could you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your editorials we featured?

L = I wanted to create a series called Glitter and get a 100 people, all shapes, sizes, races, genders covered in glitter! im at 60 just now and its been an incredible experience, there is something very levelling about glitter, clothes, lingerie, jackets all have very preconceived
ideas attached to them - people act and look a certain way depending on what they wear. Glitter on the other hand is just mental, the reactions you get are so different and they are really fun! Its been quite difficult to get men up for being covered but ive literally had 1000’s of 
women who wanted to get involved, from Models to breast cancer survivors and everyone in between. The idea will be to have an exhibition and publish a book when its completed. 

I - What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work?

L - I want people to see beauty, to smile, to cry to create a reaction. But predominantly I want people to remember, I want them to look at the work and for it to impinge and be something they can take away with them forever. Its a small goal i know haha. 

I - Do you have any tips for photographers/creatives at the start of their journey?

L - Find what it is you love doing then figure out a way to make money out of it is my first tip, and then do that every day always, I have shot literally millions of stills over my career, I shoot every single day and I’m always learning and I still mess up. Oh also don’t be afraid of failure, for me failure is something that I tried that didn’t work but that ment I was pushing that I wasn’t doing the same thing that I wasn’t repeating the same process, for me that is what I love about art is that ability to create and change and adapt. 

I - Amongst your work do you have a favourite and why?

L - I shot it on a nikonos series4 underwater camera just before the wave hit 
I love it because I had so little control, I couldn't see the frame, the exposure, the focus I just had to guess and this image turned out and I love it as it represents freedom, from the constraints of training and is just purely an experiment in art.