Interview with Model Luliia Kapranova

Grace and Elegance

Makeup Artist: Tetiana Kapranova
Fashion Designer/Accessory Designer: Tammy Apostol
Hair Stylist: Irina Kovalchuk
Female Model: Iuliia Kapranova
Photographer: Snizhana Quintero
Painter: Griselda Lechini


Miami based model Luliia Kapranova was originally born in Ukraine. It was here she started her journey into modelling worldwide, beginning with participation in a local pageant: Miss Luhansk. Kapranova tells us, “I have modelled in Ukraine, Russia, Dubai, China, Australia and now in the USA. I am in love with the camera and I want to share these incredible feelings with people.”

In the editorial of Kapranova featured, the styling showcases beautifully hand painted dresses to which she credited talented designer Tammy Apostol for TA Couture Atelier, painted by artist Griselda Lechini. “The gorgeous satin gown embellished with silk flowers and Swarovski crystals makes me feel like a queen, like a blossom flower. The dress represents the beauty of nature and harmony to me,” Kapranova explained. “I am so thankful to my team for their creativity!” she later added.


With everything going on in the world at the moment, Kapranova understands that some creatives will be deeply impacted and affected, however, this hasn’t stopped her from succeeding. Kapranova explains to us that modelling is not her only forte, she holds a PhD as a Doctor of Cardiology alongside being a certified yoga instructor and a professional belly dancer. Kapranova has been using her many other skills to release her book to help people: ‘Longevity and Belly Dance’, as she states “This time is an awakening of my soul! This book is a 30-day guide about the Universal Art of Belly Dance to dramatically transform your body through relaxation, meditation and diet. I have also organized free live belly dancing and yoga classes for everyone during these times to improve physical and emotional state."

We then took the time to ask Kapranova some quick-fire questions about her life as a model on a day to day basis!

What would you say is your favourite thing about modelling?

With no doubts, I can say it is creativity and inspiration. I love how I can share my feelings through the camera. The picture can say it all with no words needed.

When on shoots, what are the three main things you always take with you?

Inspiration, creativity and always positivity.


Do you have any go-to beauty products when on shoot?

I like to hydrate my skin properly, so it will have a glow-y look. I use Phyto corrective gel from SkinCeuticals and HA-5 from SkinMedica.

If you could model for whoever you wanted, who would that be?

I would like to be the model for a runway show of Victoria’s Secret and for Tiffany’s Jewellery.

Is there another Model who has influenced or inspired you through your journey?

Every model is unique, so I think that we inspire each other.

How do you keep yourself looking fresh for shoots?

My secret to looking and feeling fresh for shoots are belly dancing, yoga, healthy nutrition, proper sleep, meditation, skin care and positive thinking.

What is your go-to outfit for daytime?

It is always a dress and high heels. I like to feel feminine.

We then proceed to close the interview, asking Kapranova for her advice for anyone looking to venture into modelling, to which she states “Always believe in yourself, dream bigger and go for it. Professional portfolio and social media are very important, but the best advice is always be developing yourself and have the desire to do what you really love in life.

Viewers can find more of Luliia Kapranova at:

Instagram: @YuliaScientist

Website: mylongevityandbeauty.com