Interview with Photographer Becky Brown

Inner Reflections

Female Model: Vicky Gregory
Assistant: Lee Brown
Photographer: Becky Brown


London based Becky Brown, 17, is a self-taught portrait photographer passionate to succeed; with aims to ultimately work with Vogue on an editorial.

First starting her venture into the world of photography back in 2016, Becky has always felt she was somewhat destined to do so “I like to think photography is in my blood. My grandad was an amazing photographer,” Becky told us.

Whilst having her initial inspiration derivative of her grandfather, Becky has claimed her own style within her photography, stating “Our styles are very different as I am more of an editorial fashion photographer and he was more subtle with his work … I’d say my style has changed a lot since I first started out.”

“Part of my style is still changing, and I will always be someone who doesn’t stick to a certain aesthetic. I think part of being an artist is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and exploring new ways of doing things,” Becky continued. The notion of the everchanging style is evident when looking through Becky’s prior submissions with other 20 print magazines since July 2020. The ability to adapt and evolve her style also allows for the young photographer to utilise these skills elsewhere, such as when facing limitations within shoots such as this one. Becky explained to INTRA that she came up with the idea of ‘Inner Reflections’ based upon a location that unfortunately was unavailable, “We were unable to shoot there on the day, so we had to find a new location fast and alter the shoot a little bit”, continuing the topic by later saying “Living in England can often result in bad weather during a shoot, so I had to add a jacket to the look … Although I didn’t originally plan on including a jacket as part of the look, I think it added to the photos.”


We asked Becky about the title of her editorial, with her explaining to us that it was a decision that was made after the editing process. “I decided to call this shoot ‘Inner Reflections’ because I feel it draws attention to more than the outfit. Usually in a fashion shoot, you’re drawn to the clothing and how the clothing is styled, but I wanted people to see more than that.” It is clear from the featured images that Becky’s concept was a success – the locale is striking alongside the expressions of the model, Vicky Gregory. Becky goes on to explain, “Usually playing in the rain will bring happiness, but we see Vicky keep a serious and unbothered look throughout the shoot – I think that is a reflection of how some of us truly feel.”

As mentioned, Becky Brown at only 17 has been featured in 20 print magazines since July 2020 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. From her creative mind and intriguing outlook and conceptualisation, it is clear that Becky is a creative to watch.

You can do so at her Instagram: @becky_photography_xx or her website: beckyphotographyxx.wixsite.com/photography in which she also allows the option of booking both outdoor and studio sessions.