Interview with Photographer Jackie Duncan


Photographer - Jackie Duncan 
Makeup Artist - Sarah Francis 
Hair Stylist - Jennelle Lessard
Wardrobe Stylist - Jory Davie
Model - Ivy
Agency - Structure Model Management


Could you tell us about how you became involved with photography and realized you wanted to be a photographer?

I have always been an artistic person and pursued my love by studying Fine Arts in University. My passions have always been art and ice hockey. After I hung up my skates, I discovered my creative outlet in photography. I was drawn towards fashion and portrait photography because of the creative freedom. 

What do you love most about Photography?

What I love most about photography is the creative process. Starting with an idea or inspiration, then building a concept around it. Working with like minded individuals to make that idea come to life and then finally retouching the final images. Having a final image that comes from that entire creative process is what I love most.

Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment you couldn’t live without?

I can’t live without my 50mm lens. 

How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

I find when things slow down and I am not creating I lose momentum. To keep myself motivated is to stay open to new ideas and always seek out new inspiration. 


What is the impression you want viewers to get from your work?

No matter the concept I am shooting, I strive to capture a striking elegant presence that exudes confidence and strength. My hope is that viewers see that and find beauty in my work. 

Do you have any tips for photographers/creatives at the start of their journey?

The advice I would give to new photographers would be to shoot as much as possible. Don’t worry so much about the technical side or trying to be like others in the industry. Allow yourself to feel what you are doing and create something out of passion. That is where you will find your voice and your own style.


Amongst your work do you have a favourite and why? 

I honestly don’t have a favourite editorial. I love my work while I am working on it but as soon as I start working on the next project then that becomes my favourite. I believe it is because I am a perfectionist and I always critique myself and see aspects I could have done better.

Are there any particular photographers or creative that have influenced you the most? 

There are so many amazing and inspirational photographers and creatives that I follow and admire. However, when I first started out I came across Lara Jade. Following her journey as a self taught photographer like myself gave me direction. I still follow her to this day and continue to find inspiration from her work. 

Is there any thing key in the future you’re aiming for?

I have relocated to Montreal, Canada. I am excited about the opportunities this city has to offer. My immediate focus is building new connections and finding new inspirational projects.    

Thank you for featuring within INTRA, where could viewers find more information about you and connect with your work?

Viewers can find me and reach me anytime on Instagram @jackieduncanphotography or on my website www.jackieduncanphotography.com