Interview with Creative Director and Graphic Design Bruno Martinez

Late Nights

Cr Dir: @brucemartinez
Cr Dir: @brucemartinez
MUA: @jocelynjohnson_
Assistant & Photo: @theeseanmartin
Hair: @jayceemnirajd
Model: @theindustryla
Pub: @jennatort
Graphic: @brucemartinez
Stylist: @ddehardt
Photo: Bruno Martinez


Hey Bruno thanks for featuring in INTRA Magazine, could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Thank you for having me!
I am Creative Director & Graphic Designer, originally from Barcelona, and based in Los Angeles since 2015. I have traveled worldwide, working and learning to perfectionist my craft and art.

We are obsessed with this editorial, could you tell us a bit about the story behind these images?

This is one of our latest campaigns for STEELE featuring Amenah Soares. We played with the simplicity of the clothes to create an extra curated look, giving attention to the model and the space. We design the area and a white dome where this situation will happen—creating three different spaces by the lighting and the props. We shot on digital and film and curated the images by editing the photos and playing with the tones of black and white. We show the female body as a piece of art, making the viewers see the images as a brutalism composition where the delicacy is transmitted not only by the images themselves but for the treatment behind it.

What would you say your favourite thing is about being a Creative Director and Lead Graphic Designer?

My deep knowledge of graphic design makes it easy to envision the outcome. I can visualize and make it real whatever the client or I desire, and that type of control makes my job really fun.
Also, designing the project from the early stage to the outcome gives me happiness by controlling and overseeing the process on every step, giving the directions, and working with the team on each stage to make it happen, kind of watching a kid grow.


How do you feel you have blended being a creative director and a graphic designer?

I think I drive into these positions almost by nature. First, I studied Fine Arts and specialized in Graphic Design. Second, I stress my knowledge of Marketing and Cinematography, so my knowledge and jobs during the years in Advertising, Tech, and Fashion have given me this peculiar profile that is so hard to find. A good Graphic Designer needs to know about creative direction and the same way around.

When producing a project how would you explain your process, how do you get from start to finish?

Every project has a different process depending on the outcome or objective. Still, I would summarize by understanding the necessity and the result, look for inspiration that will help you create your idea and voice, work on how that outcome could be different and better than anything else done before, and find the factors that would make that project special. The design creates a clear path where all the team can meet and be on the same page. Be aware of the possible problems and think of possible solutions. Embrace the error and play with it. Create a good environment at work and direct your team with passion.

Carrying on with the idea of your process what would you say is the most important part?

I believe it's crucial to innovate and try something new on every new asset you create, push the limits, and start a new path for others to follow.

Do you think that your work has influenced other aspects of your life? has it changed you in anyway?

Knowledge is power, so that made me constantly learn, not only in the artistic world but also in business and strategy. It's crucial to keep bringing new tools to the table.
Also, sports it's an essential aspect of my life, and having a life pretty busy and stressed makes the space in my daily life to think and empty the mind to refill with new ideas.


How would you say you keep yourself motivated when it comes to creating your editorials?

As I mentioned, I keep learning and keep trying new things. So it's also crucial to me to keep updated on what's going on, what the trends are, which new music videos there are out there, talk to people, keep bringing information and inspiration in any possible way.

would you say that there is a particular creatives that have influenced you the most?

I would say that the work of David Carson, Steve Gorrow, or Virgil Abloh has always influenced me to try to loop the loop and propose something different than what has been created before.

Is there a particular experience you want your viewers to get from your work?

I hope that when people see my work feel pleased or disrupted, I'd feel gratified if any of those two emotions come to them.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Running a direct team of designers and creatives and working on many brands and projects simultaneously has been a challenge and an achievement. Last year we created many different campaigns that I am proud of; one is this one. But the most significant achievement is still to come. There's so much on the pipeline that I am excited about it!

Is there any projects you have planning coming soon?

I am currently working on one of the most exciting projects that will come to life soon. I can't talk much about it yet, but I will say that it's a Mobile App that combines everything we do with everything you like. As a Creative Director and Lead Graphic Designer has been fascinating to work on all the different aspects and parts of the App, so the fact that it's finally coming to live feels unreliable. It will start a new chapter to make us a space on this busy business.

For any creative starting out in directing or graphics reading this, do you have any tips for them?

I would say always to keep learning and trying new things. Create personal projects that look like the type of work you would do for your ideal client and put 100% effort into everything you do. Opportunities will come, and you have to be ready to deliver 110%.

Thank you so much for featuring within INTRA, where could viewers find more information about you and connect with your work?

You could find me on IG @brucemartinez or brunomartinez.pro