Interview with Musican Lyne-Marie


Musician: Lyne-Marie
Photographer: Dayze-mae Hayllor 


Hey Lyne, tell us and our readers a bit about yourself.. 

Heyy! I’m originally from Belgium. Moved to London at the age of 17 to pursue my music career. I describe myself as an rnb singer songwriter with afro soul touches here and there and obviously French touches !

What would you say first got you in to music?

Definitely my dad! I acc have been put into a classical academy where I did piano, solfege and theatre. Funny story I was forced until the age of 18 to finish this music education. Loads a cries haha but now I am so grateful as It tough me a lot!! 

Do you have a particular way for you creative process? 

Most of the time I vibe with a beat first, then write on it. My brother is also a music producer  D.E.W.I ( @dewinsongo) so it makes the process very easy and enjoyable. My recent EP Bipofeels was produced by him and home recorded.


How would you describe the music you typically create?

Real. I write about my daily life. 

If you could open a show for any artist who would that be?

Alicia Keys. Big inspo for me. I would absolutely love to work with her. 

Who would you most love to collaborate with and why?

Timbaland. I love this producer and I believe we would make something very interesting together. it’s just a question of time .. wait for it!!

If there was anything you could change about the industry what would that be?

As a female in the industry, I would love for us women to be able to get the same attention as men without having to sexualise our image. 

What do you feel like you biggest achievement to date is?

My recent Bipofeels EP was my first ever big project and I am so happy about the outcome :) 


We would love to hear more about your EP 'Bipo Feels' could you tell us about that?

The EP is a reflection of times of confusion. 
1 heart, 4 tracks and 2 emotions. 
BIPO comes from bipolar which is used to express the flip between love and hate for a man. 

Do you have a favourite song to perform?

“All Mine” is my favourite one to perform! However with lockdown I haven’t been able to perform “9PM” with the featured artist Tsunari (@tsunariii) I can’t wait for us to hit the stage together!! 

Do you have any shows planned after lockdown?

All of my shows have been cancelled. I had a gig after lockdown with Levels and a lot of online performance with brands such as ISawItFirst, CreptSelect, QuizClothing,...

Do you feel lockdown has hindered you in anyway or has it helped you become more creative? 

It gave me more time to write for sure, but Gigi Gigi virtually is not the same and I miss it a lot. 
I had to cancel studio session with other artists which was not fun. 

Whats next for you?

Keep an eye one my, got some new and different vibes coming ...;)