5 Elements 
Plastic is a pandemic

Recycled Art

Fashion Designer Audrey Soie @audreysoie
Model Olga Jakobsen @olgajakobsen
Fashion Show Producer Nikki Ridds @cosmopress
Photographer Ekaterina Gershanova @Ekaterina_gershanova
Makeup Artist Katy Lee @katylee
Hair Stylist Rod Alec @rodalec


Have you ever wondered how much garbage we produce? More than 300 million tons of plastic per year, 50% of which are intended for single use. We use it - only a few minutes, but it remains on the planet at least several hundred years. Destruction of plastic takes from 500 to 1000 years! More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans annually. Every second, more than 20,000 drinks in plastic bottles are bought around the world. The average American throws out approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year. Over a million plastic bags are used every minute. It seems almost impossible to avoid plastic in our daily lives, right? I have it at hand all day. From a plastic keyboard, a computer monitor and a plastic mouse to plastic toys, kitchen utensils... The amount of plastic that I encounter every day does not end there. What about you? Plastic is anepidemic! Plastic accounts for approximately 90 percent of all debris floating on the surface of the ocean, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. The situation seems hopeless, but there is a way out!
Each of us can do something right now to improve the situation: replace plastic bags with reusable ones, pour coffee at work in your favorite thermo mug, switch to digital communication! No need for plastic CDs, DVDs, or jewelry cases when you can buy music and videos online. Look for alternatives to the plastic items you rely on. Hand in for recycling. And of course, talk about the problem with your family and friends. Explain why it is important to reduce the amount of plastic in your environment, as well as the harmful effects of plastic contamination. 

Designer Audrey Soie offers an elegant solution to address such a problem. Her collection of “Five
Elements” was created from recyclable materials: trash bags, plastic bottles, CDs, wires, foil, pistachio flakes, toilet rolls. The collection consists of five bows, each of which represents its own element: Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Metal. In addition, in “Air” look she uses what Audrey calls “recycled art”. About the designer Audrey Soie is a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, worked at CERN to find the Higgs Boson. At the end of her scientific career, she is engaged in design as a tool for self study and studying the
world. She worked as a diver-volunteer for cleaning ponds from garbage. Her project "Elements" is created to draw attention to the environmental situation and finding elegant methods for solvingit. Audrey believes, that art will save the world!


a body and bra made of rolls of toilet paper and recycled ink, as well as Chanel trousers, painted with ink. Each of us touches art visually and emotionally, thereby processing it into something new, giving its subject a new meaning. I used the trousers from the 2019 Karl Lagerfeld collection for the Chanel brand and converted them with ink. This symbolises the imprint that each of us leaves, interacting with art. Rolls of toilet paper complement the image: everything that is not recycled will inevitably be destroyed and recreated in another reality. Shoes: Christian Louboutain, pants: Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel (recycled)


a body with pistachio flakes and a skirt from wires. Speaking of earth, we often portrait brown or dark shades. But our Earth is a blue planet! Creating a palette for this element, I was thinking about a special place in the North of Ethiopia, the Danakil Depression. This is not only the hottest place on the planet. It splashes with acidic colors - yellow shades harmoniously interweave in bluish-green. I was inspired by such “land” colors when creating the “Earth” element. And the image was complemented by a skirt of wires, symbolising television and radio and other communication networks. The planet is entangled and enveloped by them, right? Shoes: Louis Vuitton, earrings D&G



a body made of CD disk fragments and a hat with a veil from a net from oranges. Fire is not only ether. Do you recognize? Such tongues are often put under a beautiful photo on Instagram: and the caption: “Fire!” Therefore, it is no coincidence that fire is digital. To create this element, I used fragments of CD discs, and to the hat I added a veil made of a net from an orange package. Shoes: Christian Louboutain


body and bra made of aluminium foil, and a skirt of trash bags. Melting metal if definitelly a part of recycling process. From the motherboards of our computers to cars and cans. The bra and body symbolize semi-molten metal, while the flying skirt is dust and smoke during melting... Shoes: Christian Dior