Interview with Model 

Robert Varga

Model: Robert Varga @robertvarga_official
Jordan Green @scumjordmillionaire
Dayze-mae Hayllor @Dayzemaehayllor
Terrence Chatikobo @faraigallery


Tell us a bit about your story, did you always want to be a model?

I started out as a photographer, at the age of 17, and as most photographers starting out, I didn’t know any models that could pose for my photos. Also who would want to for a photographer that has been only clicking for 2 weeks at the time. So the only models available for me was my best friend and myself. 
It felt natural to be around the camera no matter if behind or in front of it, as some of my projects all I had is a camera, a tripod, and I. 
I never thought I would have the opportunity to sign with a reputable modelling agency as most male models that were represented in media, and in retails were thinner than me. Either way it was one of those wishes that I never knew could come true. 

How did curve model management signing happen for you? 

When I decided to give modelling a go, the first thing I have done is searched for the models I see on the sites I shop from. Found their Instagram and through it, their agencies. The name that stood out for me was Curve Mode Management. So I started to research, what they look for? Do I even have the right height, measurements etc. 
The rest ? 
It happened so quick. I have shot some portfolio items with the help of a friend. (Set up studio equipment in my living room, choose a couple of outfits).As I recall it was a Thursday. 
I had the images edited and ready by Sunday morning. 
Uploaded the requested 4 images of different angles and poses, with my measurements filled out on the application. Then clicked submit. I have sent of my application on Sunday, and Monday afternoon I had a phone call coming in from Germany. I have not had my hopes up, as I didn’t want to get dissapointed incase my application wasn’t succesful, but when the Director of Curve gave me such positive feedback and the opportunity to talk to her on Zoom, I knew it is happening. 

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model? 

BIgger men have difficulties walking into a store and buying an outfit. Most of it is online which means you will have to go through a tedious proccess of ordering it, waiting for it to arrive, trying it on and if it doesn’t fit you need to send it back. 
Fashion is really important for me and it has been throughout my life. Depending on the purpose of the outfit, I am always looking for the right fit, right colour, right material etc. There can be two people the same height and clothing size, but the clothing will look different on them, which is the reason I couldn’t confidently shop online either as I never really found my body type so I couldn’t vision how the clothing would look on me. I hope to be the person that could help people like me find what they are looking for.


What do you enjoy most about modelling?

As a creative, it is the industry I wanted to be in or around since I was 17. I believe modelling is an extension of fashion. In a way it is an expression of what those clothes make you feel like, what mood it gives you, and what mood it reflects on others. It gives the garments personality, a face, and purpose. If I look good or think I look good, I feel good and vice versa. Its bigger than just “selling clothes”. It’s making 
new connections, getting new experiences, learning, and helping others. It being fun is just a massive plus…. haha plus… see what I did there? 
What do you hope to alcomipsh through modelling, do you have any big goals for the futer? 
Modelling is a difficult industry to be in, and I only just started my journey, but I am willing to put the work in as it is something I really enjoy. I have had help with my portfolio from some really good friends, and amazing, talented photographers like Jordan Green, Terrence Chatikobo, Amina Humphreys and dayzzzzzz, so I feel like there is nothing that could stop me. I hope to represent a type of body/look that other people can see themselves in, and to promote. 

Are their any models you look up too the most?

Scott Bayliss, Korry Callum, Raul Samuel. These guys represent plus size men internationally and with the help of their respected agencies they created a path not only fot the consumers but for people like me, who want to become like them. 


What is the best advice you’ve been given?

”if you do something do it properly” My mum. Best advice she ever gave me. You cannot start and finish something half hearted. No matter what you do if you put in 100%, you don’t go to bed with any regrets, at the end of the day, because you have done all you can. 
Do you have any tips for people who want to start in the modelling industry but aren’t sure of how to start? Do your research. Look for agencies that are scouting people like you. Thankfully the world is getting more and more diverse, you just need to put in the work and see where it takes you. 

Having a background in photography do you think that has helped you with your modeling?

Absolutley. As photographer I spent a significant amount of time looking through the camera positioning others to look the best, therefore I feel like I can use all that experience when it comes to poses, so the work becomes quicker and more fun. As soon as I see what lens the photographer may be using, I know how much she or he sees of me from what angle, so I can adjust accordingly. My time spent in my home studio allowed me to feel comfortable around lights, clicking sounds and flashes, so I would say it gave me the perfect type and amount of experience to start my journey. 

Do you plan to keep doing photography as well as modelling ? 

1000%. I don’t know how im going to juggle the two at the same time, but I will try my best. . Photography that lead me to modelling so I definitely would like to see where the combination of the two is going to take me. Thank you so much for being a part of intra, how can our readers find you? @robertvarga_official