Interview with Model Daria Pustarnak and Team

Slow Wedding

Photographer: @martamalycha_fotografia
MUA: @witasik_makeup
Hair: @lili_khomenko_fryzury
Wedding dress: @mari_lill_salon
Flowers: @chwastyikontrasty
Location: @spichlerz_galowice


Daria Pustarnak - Model: 
My love with modeling begins in my early childhood, I was always dreaming to participate in the TV shows and beauty contests for kids. But was always choosing education and study, which by the way bring me a great success, as I’m the laureate of more than 20 international grants. 
However, I was always interested in fashion and modelling, was realizing different small photo projects on my spare time.
The milestone for me was the day when I decided to send my pictures to the magazine – “Why not?!”, I thought and submit the pictures and forgot about it… and in 2 weeks I got the email with the digital issue of the magazine with my face on the cover! 
I was shocked and happy and I realized that nothing is impossible and started proactively the modelling activity. Now in a really short time I was published in 30 magazines and 3 covers, more than 10 look book session for brand clothes and numerous sessions (wedding, beauty, editorial, portrait and so on). 
Now I can tell that I’m really happy as I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I’m giving it my all! 


Marta Malycha – Photographer, Retoucher: 
I was always enjoying looking through our family photo albums, but never treat photography as the path I could develop myself in future. Until the day, I finally got a camera, my journey in photography begins with taking photos of food, and then I shoot my first engagement session and... I started new stage in my life. 
I love the boho style, nature, wildflowers, tender gestures – all of this are seen as a guiding spirit in my works. I couldn’t imagine that photography would open so many doors in my life, that I would meet so many wonderful people, that I would go through many unforgettable moments thanks to it. Even though I have recently started the photography career, I managed to make some of my photographic dreams come true and create a new ones. 

Julia Borkowska&Edyta Dulny – Flower Arrangers: 
As a florists freelancers we are working for over a year. In the beginning it was just a hobby and now we are fully booked almost hole year having no empty spot. The biggest challenge so far was our first project, because it was one of our wedding. 
We highly appreciate the direct contact with couples and that we can help to make this special day in their lives even more beautiful. We are not only “wedding florists” but we are also organizing workshops like "Make your own Xmas wreath" which actually catch people interest. In the future we wish to open our own workspace where we will offer beautiful flowers and tasty coffee. 


Karolina Witasik – Makeup Artist: 
I’ve started to be interested in makeup a long time ago, when I was in a high school. However, the true adventure had started in 2015, when I graduated the first professional makeup artists course. 
Since that time, makeup become my true passion without which I can’t imagine my life. Later on I gained a lot of knowledge and experience at various courses and workshops. In makeup, apart from contact with clients and the opportunity to meet people – I adore to help women feel beautiful, special and transform their conscious. 
Apart of classic makeups, I enjoy doing makeup for music videos, editorials and various types of photo sessions. A lot of my beauty works were published in magazines. 
Hence, I’m aware that there is still a lot of things to improve, because in makeup you need constantly following new trends.