Interview with Photographer Damian Joseph

Test shoot with Domonic Davis

Male Model: Dominic Davis @dominicdxvis
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: Damian Joseph @Dajoastudios


Hey! tell our readers A short Biography about yourself:

-Hey, my name is Damian Joseph, I'm a portrait and fashion photographer. I was born and raised in the twin island of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, a small island located in the west indies. There is where I started my company Dajoa Studios and my team and I are currently in the process of scalling the business.

How do you think you got interested in Photography?

-I've always been interested in photography, I took pictures of everything, I recently started taking portraits and fell in love with it, now that I have the opportunity to work with designers, I started looking into fashion photography and it's like I'm falling in love all over again.

Your images are incredible, How do you think you found your style?

-Thank you, it took quite a bit of trial and error, alot of editing tutorials and I'd say just doing my research and knowing what's out there but I think I'm finally at a point where I'm confident in my style.

How would you describe your style?

-At the moment my style is very simplistic and minimal, I try to keep my images looking as natural as possible, I play alot with expression, emotion and evoking a feeling through my images, this is more the case with my unreleased work.

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

-Personally speaking I would say that not being able to have full creative freedom over majority of my client work is the most challenging thing to me but I can't complain because those are the jobs that gets the bills paid and I just have to adapt to my client's creative decisions.


What has been your favourite photoshoot to date?

-My favorite shoot has to be with Olajuwon Scott, nothing was going right on that shoot, there were heavy showers of rain, the lightning situation was poor and we got soaked but with all of that said, the energy was immaculate and even though I thought the images weren't going to turn out great, they did and those are currently my favorite images on my page.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in photography?

-As a natural light photographer unpredictable weather is always a challenge another challenge is time frames, I shoot majority of my images at golden hour and these shoots are always time sensitive, it's really frustrating when someone from the team is tardy or even myself.

Is there any equipment you always wanted to have?

-I really don't focus on equipment, I work with what I have and adapt to my environment, but with that being said, I've always wanted to get into film photography and shoot on the Mamiya RZ67.

What is the Best advice someone has told you?

-The best advice I've received is to envision that your future self is very successful and pretend that a camera crew is documenting everything your present self is doing. This helps me hold myself accountable and it helps with procrastination.

And what’s the Best advice you have given / would give to someone?

-As the saying goes, it's better to try and fail than fail to try, fear prevents us from achieving a lot of our goals, whether it be though procrastination or fear of failure, the best way to conquer fear is with action, start that youtube channel, start that podcast, start that music career, perfection is an illusion, don't wait until it's too late and regret not doing it, act on it now!


Your lighting in these images are phenomanal, For an up coming photographer, what lighting advice would you give?

-I would say to start with natural light, do your research on lighting techniques and apply it to your work, look at the angle of the light and the shadows and shapes it creates on your subject and experiment with that. Soft overcast/window light, back lighting etc, the time of day is also important, whether it be at dawn, golden hour or blue hour. Find the type of light that fits your style and try to be consistent with it.

Tell us about your editing process?

-Music is important, either music, a podcast or an ebook. I go though the images and select the best ones, I do this a few times until I have the absolute best from the set, from there it's basic adjustments, colour correction, retouching and finally colour grading. The softwares I use are capture one and photoshop.

Do you prefer photographing or retouching?

-I love both equally, with majority of my shoots the photography aspect of it is very in the moment and there's always a lot of energy and laughter on set, when it comes to retouching it's more relaxed, usually it's just me so it's quiet a unique feeling trying to recreate the mood of the shoot and incorporate it into the images, it's like I can experience the shoot all over again, retouching is a form for meditation for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-I see myself being surrounded by amazing people and consistently traveling and working with industry leading creatives, publications and fashion houses.

As this magazine is being released on New Years eve we have to ask, What are some plans of yours for 2021? and goals you want to achieve?

-For 2021 I'd like to be more consistent with my work I'd also like to travel and grow my network.