Interview with Model Agnes Wade

The Calling of Agnes Wade

Wardrobe Stylist: Angel Gomes Wardrobe Stylist: Violeta Arapi Fashion Designer: Klelia Andrali @kleliaandrali Model: Agnes Wade @agnesgwade 
Fashion Designer: Lefkon @lefkon_designerclothes Makeup Artist: Ioannis Michalelis Photographer: Omi @omisothercamera 
Wardrobe Stylist: Virginia Stravrakaki Accessory Designer: Ioanna Mochamet Makeup Artist: Fay Daskalopoulou @faydaskalopoulou


When do you first remember getting involved in Modelling? Has it always been something you’ve been passionate about?

When I was 13 and in school year 9, I modeled with a science book showing chemistry experiments. Modeling has always been my primary passion since childhood. 

What would you say is your favourite thing about Modelling?

When I am on the runway I feel I am on top of the world. On the runway or in a photo shoot, I love showcasing the creative work of artists and designers. Art elevates me.

Is there another Model who has influenced or inspired you through your journey?

I have recently discovered Yasmeen Ghauri. I love watching her runway shows. I am inspired by her elegance and classic beauty.

What would you change about the modeling industry?

Encourage designers to create more opportunities for petite models to be on the runway as there is a huge market out there. Diversity, inclusion, and above all equitable practice is the way forward. 

Do you have any type of routine? How do you keep yourself looking fresh for shoots?

I have a regular skincare routine in the mornings, and I always use a toner on my skin before bedtime. I run an average of 7 miles (3/4times a week) and I do yoga at home to keep myself healthy and fit. 
Firstly, being a new mother to a 2-year-old boy has truly encouraged me to continue to pursue my deepest passion I have for modeling. I would love to inspire other petite models to fulfill our dreams. We are all about diversity and empowering one another and to create an opportunity for each other. Having previously managed my own fashion boutique business in London for 7 years, I decided to focus full time on modeling. I am blessed to have several magazine publications in 2020. I am excited to be published in Deux Magazine- March issue with almost 900k hits worldwide, published in LYUN Magazine, Marjen Magazine, and later published Front Cover with Gezno and Luxia magazine. Recently, was featured in a JREEPIN short movie called “Behind The Crash” which is to be released in the UK in Dec 2020. And as always, the love and encouragement of my husband Randall, and my dearest twin sister Angel and the immense support from my family have made it possible to pursue what I truly love. Currently, as best as I can, I support several charities in the UK and Internationally. In my heart, I believe in giving back to others. With every little bit of help, one can give, it’s a way to make a difference in the life of another child.

Is there anything key in the future you’re aiming for? 

Continuing to pursue my dreams for modeling, acting, helping those in need, and seeing how far the universe will take me. 


Let’s go off modeling for a minute, Describe your perfect day off when you are not modeling?

I love being at home with my 2-year-old son and just enjoying family time. 

What is your go-to outfit for the daytime?

Comfortable knee-length dress with ankle boots and a silk scarf around the neck.

Name three things on your bucket list?

I have so many but here are a few...
Start a charity foundation for orphans in Bangladesh.Skydive and paragliding, Walk the Great Wall of China & continue Travelling the World and explore other cultures & cuisines. 

Lastly, for our readers who may want to get into modeling, do you have any tips and tricks for them at the start of their journey?

Always remain kind and humble. 
Persistence, determination will take you far as would good people around you. Build a solid portfolio with various looks. Take every opportunity that comes your way and accept rejection with a smile and remember something even better is waiting for you Always work with people who encourage you to grow and find the right balance between art and commerce. Keep going until you are satisfied with your accomplishment. Beware of agencies that promise a lot but deliver little.