Interview with Photographer Fabrizio Ricciardi

THE ZOOM LIFE - Online Shoot

Photographer: Fabrizio Ricciardi
Model: Luca Vargas @theone_agency
@luca12hd Marco Morales Solano @marco.morales98
Emmanuel Barrantes @emmabarrantess
Alejandro Pastor @alejandropastors
Daniel Xiques @danielxiques
Bruno Libralato @Bruno Libralato
Mark @markyourway
Ariel Corella @novamodelmanagement @arielcorella14
Marvin @id_mgmt @greymarviin
Shalton Murray️️️️️ @therealshalton


What sparked your interest in Photography?

- I began to have an interest in photography from my childhood portraying my relatives, then over time I studied photography courses that helped me expand my knowledge and then apply it in everyday life and thus achieve experiences

These images are great, How do you think you found your style?

- Going out of my comfort zone helped me define my style. However, one never stops getting to know oneself and over time we evolve

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a Photographer?

-The most challenging part is meeting new people and then adapting them to your photographic style

We understand these images where taken over Zoom, what made you think of this way of shooting, has it changed your view on photography at all?

- Somehow the current situation made us accommodate ourselves in the workplace accepting virtual trends, avoiding catching COVID-19. However, this is a great challenge due to the fact that one is not present and the result does not have an excellent quality like in-person photography.


Tell us more about this shoot?

- The Zoom platform allows people to communicate via video call anywhere in the world and has been one of the favorites during the pandemic. That is why it became a lifestyle and hence the name THE ZOOM LIFE was born, which aims to show the B-side of the current situation and show that we are versatile by showing different emotions and body expressions, leaving a little out of the area of comfort.
My ultimate goal is to show the public all the photographic sequences that I did during the pandemic and to show that it is possible to make art despite the limitations that appear.

For a lot of creatives, lockdowns have been either positive or negative, How do you think the precautions of covid have effected you and your craft?

-Affect my profession for not having photo sessions frequently. Nevertheless, it was a unique opportunity connecting with models from all around the world thanks to virtual platforms

What do you think are the biggest challenges in photography?

- The major challenges of photography are location, lighting and time differences

Is there any equipment you always have on hand?

-I always have my phone at hand because it allows me to capture images at least in unexpected moments


What is the Best advice someone has told you?

- "From mistakes we learn so that we don't do them again"

And what’s the Best advice you have given / would give to someone?

- "If you don't try you'll never know"

Your lighting in these images are phenomanal, For an up coming photographer, what lighting advice would you give?

- Choose a good schedule where natural light can benefit the result of the photograph.

Tell us about your editing process? Do you prefer to do everything in camera or do you have any particular post production steps?

-I select my best photos, edit some errors and put a Kodak porta 400 colorimetry so that they have harmony in the photographic sequence

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-In 5 years I see myself in Europe exercising my career in the world of fashion and having a stable life

As this magazine is being released on New Years eve we have to ask, What are some plans of yours for 2021?

-I plan to gain more experience in the fashion scope of my country doing art direction, styling and photography so that Afterwards I travel to Europe and learn different visions.